Red Dirt - Red Mud

Red dirt, it's what makes our Gyp Hills so beautiful and unique in Kansas. Sunsets hitting the red buttes create a magical color and hue that remind us of the natural beauty of our surroundings.

We were reminded this morning that red dirt with water applied becomes red mud! When red mud is applied to a white vehicle the look is well...RED.

The rain is much needed so no complaints from an area that's been in a drought more often than not the last decade.

What's twenty minutes at the car wash attempting to remove at least the first few layers of red covering that once pearly white truck when it means more grass for the several hundred head of red cows who seem to like greener grass in the red hills.

Candlight Dinner in the Gyp Hills

The event space at the barn is one of my favorite places at the ranch, other than being out in the hills, of course!  I especially enjoy the times it's ready for an event and the atmosphere comes to life.  On Saturday night it did just that!   Guests attending our Valentine steak night had a unique dining experience. Just imagine, the lights were dimmed, soft piano music playing in the background,  the fire place a glow with a fire, tables were set and decorated, and the smell of steaks sizzling on the grill was in the air. People were seated, waited on, and served a delicious three course meal. They visited and laughed. They sat peacefully enjoying the atmosphere and each others company. Photos were taken to capture their smiles and preserve a memory made at the Gyp Hills Guest Ranch!


 Saturday night was our first adventure with a new kind of dining experience at the ranch. We teamed up with Raykies, a local food establishment, to offer a Valentine Dinner Steak Night(we served chicken to a few as well). Our local high school Juniors served as the wait staff as a fundraiser for their class. We truly appreciate all that supported this endeavor and we look forward to providing other unique dining experiences in the near future. You won't want to miss the next one! 

Morning Peace

Out for an early ride on Red to check cattle, at least that's what I've told others. The real purpose was to find that early morning tranquility by listening to the music of the hay meadow while horseback.

A dew rises from the freshly baled hay of the meadow. Red seems to be enjoying the early stroll as much as I am. A gentle breeze is blowing so the Cottonwoods are the melody for this morning's music. The sounds of distant coyotes yelping in unison provide the chorus.

Nothing like early mornings at the ranch!

Cattle are well and the sun is rising over the ridge so it's time to start the rest of my day.